Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are essential to what we do and to what the military community needs. People willing to share their expertise and the VIP message are crucial to helping service members succeed.

Speaking Engagements

Having a passion for sports will only take one so far but learning about different career paths builds a base. Our members thrive when given proper direction, and this is where sports professionals can have the biggest impact on our members – by offering advice and network opportunities.

Support our mission

Show your support by liking our page on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Help us share all of the amazing efforts of our volunteers and partners. The wider our footprint the more impactful VIP can be.


We could not help the service member community grow in sports without your generosity. Every moment of your time donated is valuable to a service member or spouse looking to improve their well-being.

I speak for every member of Veterans In Play when I say thank you for volunteering.

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