Service Members Need Help

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200,000 servicemembers separate from the military every year, with most looking for meaningful civilian employment.

Veterans are 37% more likely to be under employed in civilian employment than non-veterans

On average, in their first year of transition, veterans social media networks include only 1.2% civilians.
55% of veterans say they want to pursue a career different than what they did in the military.
Veterans are 70% less likely to be hired in the entertainment industry than non-veterans.
Those numbers are concerning, however, Veterans In Play is here to help.  Employing service members in sports is a natural fit. The teamwork, selflessness, and hard work needed to succeed in the sports industry is one in the same with the military. However, it can be difficult for sports organizations and service members to connect with each other; that’s where Veterans In Play comes in.
Organizations: VIP utilizes our key partnerships to connect you with top military talent. We help determine where your organization could use our support, and which roles (internships, apprenticeships, hires, Skillbridge) are best for you. Not ready for personnel moves? No problem. We offer mentoring and educational programs for service members regardless where they are in their military career.  Your company can strengthen its veteran inclusion efforts by participating in these programs, which give service members the experience and network that they need to succeed in transitioning to a career in sports.

Service Members: We connect you with sports organizations looking to improve their veteran initiative programs. This includes providing a direct line from you to these motivated organizations. Still need more help? Great! We offer mentorship and educational cohorts to help you gain the confidence that you need to accomplish your next steps.

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