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with opportunities in sports.

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Free membership includes:

Matching your resume with sports organizations looking for interns, apprentices,
Skillbridge opportunities, and full-time hires:

We partner with sports organizations looking to improve their veteran initiative programs.

Connecting you with other members through our networking page

Check out our free forum. Network with other veterans, ask questions, share jobs. We are all in this together!

Keep you on top of the latest news around the sports industry

Our forum shares relevant articles commenting on the sports industry, which will help keep you up to speed on current trends.

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In addition to the standard membership, VIP Membership includes:

An educational cohort featuring speakers with various sports backgrounds

Participate in a 4-week cohort where you can listen to and interact with industry experts on how they landed their jobs in sports. Many are veterans as well!

Networking opportunities with sports professionals

Network with our speakers and fellow cohort participants! Hear their advice and take part in a Q&A session.

Mentorship opportunities

Meet industry mentors who are willing to connect 1 on 1.

Resume and social media help

Get your resume and profile reviewed and most importantly, noticed. We help translate your military background to applicable work experience.

Resumes highlighted to our speakers and partner organizations

Your resume will be sent directly to our speakers and mentors, guaranteeing that they get to real people and not stuck in the dreaded Applicant Tracking System.

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